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Stages of Beauty Reviews

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  • Sunburn

    I wrote you a few years back about Stages of Grace. This is a recap....I was sunburned and knew I was going to peel. So after my shower I applied Stages of Grace facial cream to my face and went ahead and continued it on my shoulders and chest. Well the sting was gone and I did not peel instead I tanned beautifully. So girls if you get a burn give it a works. I love these products. Thank You, Wanda PS I can be reached at More...
    Dragonfly1015's Picture   Dragonfly1015    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worth the Whole Package

    Actually I found out about Stages of Beauty because my mom started using it about a year or so ago with the Grace cream. She is in her 50s now, and I am in my late 20s. She recommended it to me after having read more about the science behind their skin care cream, and I said I'd give it a try. After just a few weeks I have already noticed a great change in my baggy eyes being not so baggy. Overall my skin feels great every time I put it on, in a refreshed sort of way. More...
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  • Stages of Beauty are Champs

    I've been regularly using Stages of Beauty now for roughly a year. It took me all this time to even find a review site for them! I saw some things I didn't agree with so I thought I would speak my mind. I had wrinkly skin, that was progressively aging, so I knew that something had to be done. So looking into skin care creams I found stages and worked with a free trial for a bit. I liked the way my skin felt when using Stages, so I decided to continue my subscription and a year later I am feeling beyond beautiful! Happy with this company and you should all give it a try! More...
  • Simply Magical

    I feel like Stages of Beauty comes with a magic wand or something, because my skin has reverted to a wonderful complexion of several years ago. The science behind it is complicated but essentially they have you choose your skin cream based on your age and skin etc. I am in my late twenties so I am using Radiance, and my skin is shall I say... radiant haha. Anyways, great product, love the cream, and can't wait to see what happens as I get older! More...
  • your policy

    i called several months ago and asked the rep to stop sending me the product and I would call if i needed more. okay, so I let him pressure me into the serum. told him i would try it and if I was satisfied, I would call for more. now, i get it every month. i have enough to last into next year. called today and the rep said the best he could do is freeze my account for 3 months. how can I get you to stop sending this unless I call for it myself? i could open a counter at the local drug store. More...
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  • Thanks to Stages of Beauty

    I want to thank Stages of Beauty for not only their awesome customer service, but also their great product! I have had spots on my face creeping up on me the past year or so, and I finally decided to do something about it. In addition to changing my diet and quitting smoking, I started using Stages of Beauty and I couldn't be more excited about my results! More...
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  • unrequested offer

    I requested a trial offer for one of your cream products. I hadn't even accepted the potency of the cream, only for me to receive a monthly offer of same product. Incase my account has been debited pls and pls return d cash because whatever money in that card isnt mine. Am a jobless mom.dont put me in unbudgeted debt. I only requested a trial. I don't mind returning your product ooo. More...
  • fraud!!!

    I ordered a trial offer and i jst got another offer and charged about $69 for it. They even made it expedititory delivery. When on earth did i make that request? Did i even say d trial offer worked for me. I beg u in God's name return my a jobless single mom. Dont allow God punish u for this wickedness plsssssss. Stages of beauty is fraud iif my money isn't returned. You dont just debit pple s card cos u have access to it. Its criminal! !! More...
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  • Working well for me at my age

    I am about to turn 43 and I turned to stages of beauty to get a nice glow back in my skin. I have always been very conscious of what I use when it comes to skin treatment, and kind of thought those days of finding the right anti aging cream were behind me. Stages has pretty much changed my mind. They have an assortment of products, all age specific which I like a lot. It has changed the way I feel about myself. More...
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  • Stages of Beauty fradulant and scam

    I ordered a free trial of their serum for shipping and handling cost . on January 19th. It arrived on February 7. I checked my credit card account and found the 5.34 but also a charge of 90.93 on the 5th of February. I hadn't even tried the product yet . I did not order this and am furious. I'm 72 years old so this is fraud and senior abuse and I intend to follow through. I've had it. I meet today to see what my banker can do. Of course I'm not the only one to be taken as I discovered after the fact. I'm just never going to order free anything from any... More...
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  • Gold Star

    I am a teacher in an elementary school, so I would say the wrinkles I have gathered throughout the years would be from an accumulation of stress. I love the kids but any other teacher knows how the job can affect you over time. Started using Stages of Beauty about 4 months ago and have noticed an incredible difference in the way my face looks. My confidence has definitely risen since starting to use it. More...
  • Product Review

    I%u2019m not a huge weirdo type of girl that loses hair over a wrinkle here or there. But I came across Stages of Beauty and found that it actually makes a difference in what my skin looks like. Definitely wanted to share this product review with all of you because it has made me change the way I feel about anti aging creams. More...
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  • Good Advice with Stages of Beauty

    My close friend recommended me to use Stages of Beauty. I got my order fast and customer service was great. After which I started using the product and I am noticing a great difference in what used to be my wrinkles and now is just the healthy skin on my face! Ugh! Such a relief to know that something finally worked for me. Very satisfied with Stages of Beauty and I am telling everyone about it. More...
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