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  • your policy

    i called several months ago and asked the rep to stop sending me the product and I would call if i needed more. okay, so I let him pressure me into the serum. told him i would try it and if I was satisfied, I would call for more. now, i get it every month. i have enough to last into next year. called today and the rep said the best he could do is freeze my account for 3 months. how can I get you to stop sending this unless I call for it myself? i could open a counter at the local drug store. More...
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  • fraud!!!

    I ordered a trial offer and i jst got another offer and charged about $69 for it. They even made it expedititory delivery. When on earth did i make that request? Did i even say d trial offer worked for me. I beg u in God's name return my a jobless single mom. Dont allow God punish u for this wickedness plsssssss. Stages of beauty is fraud iif my money isn't returned. You dont just debit pple s card cos u have access to it. Its criminal! !! More...
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  • Stages of Beauty fradulant and scam

    I ordered a free trial of their serum for shipping and handling cost . on January 19th. It arrived on February 7. I checked my credit card account and found the 5.34 but also a charge of 90.93 on the 5th of February. I hadn't even tried the product yet . I did not order this and am furious. I'm 72 years old so this is fraud and senior abuse and I intend to follow through. I've had it. I meet today to see what my banker can do. Of course I'm not the only one to be taken as I discovered after the fact. I'm just never going to order free anything from any... More...
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  • Rip Off

    This company deducted 75.00 from my account I did not approve. They should be forbidden to do business online. The product free sample has don e absolutely nothing for my skin. It is a rip off. Don't try their free sample as you will get billed and shipped product before the date you can cancel. More...
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  • money

    I have been ringing 180019346for the past three days. They have taken money out of my account for a product of which I did not even order. I have been trying to ring to get my money back into my account. Gail Spinks I am sure you have my details if this is going to the company if not my number is 0412922000 More...
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  • You think you can keep doing damage? You are very wrong.

    I have a big problem with this company, pay a small sum of money for them to send me a sample. Not only charged me the money but I was charged two payments of $ 74.98 in the following months, this is the fourth time I try to communicate with the company 3 times by telephone and this time by email, I talked to two supervisors or persons claiming to be supervisors and again with a gentleman who speaks Spanish, for one strock suffering, and lost speech in English, I can speak English very difficult, but you always tell me that I will return the money in five days . I never received a cream,... More...
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  • Need out of the membership immediately

    Dear Stages of Beauty, I had gone on a trial for your Radiance sample last week and yesterday I asked one of the customer service representatives and he decided to extend the trial and give me another sample. Stages of Beauty,Can you please get me, Jahna Lacey, out of the membership for the products and cancel future shipments, please? I cannot afford the product at all and I just cannot go forward with the membership at all. When you do cancel my membership, please send me a confirmation email at Thank you for letting me know. Sincerely,... More...
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  • Stages of Beauty refused to refund my money

    I called within 30 days to refund my unopened elegance treatment cream. Customer service girl said they would extend my time and I could return the cream after using some if I didn't like it. She refunded $30 of the $74.98 and extended the time between shipments. I wanted to make sure it didnt make my skin break out as many products do. It did make me break out. I called today to cancel and ask for full refund, I had unopened product to send back. I was told that they would not refund. It is past the 30 days. I am angry, I was led astray when I originally called. When I am told... More...
  • Stages of Beauty is Shady Business

    I paid for a trial sample of Stages of Beauty Grace face cream (4.99) which was the shipping cost. It arrived and I haven't used it yet, but while checking my credit card tonight, I was shocked that I was charged $4.99 on March 11 which was the shipping cost, then again on March 29 another 74.98 with the transaction detail which states Continuity/Subscription Merchants! What?? I did not ask to have multiple shipments for any 74.98 per month for a face cream. Now I contacted the phone number on my credit card, and surprise, they have high volume calls and the wait time (so far) has been... More...
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  • would have appreciated more open and honest business dealings...

    This is more a review for the company and it's lack of integrity more than a review on it's products. Because of the shifty system that they have it really doesn't matter how fabulous the products are I will never order from this company again. I was recently charged $74.98 after ordering a free sample, which according to what I was reading all I had to pay for was the shipping. It said nothing about a trial, let alone how long the trial would be and what the charges would be when the phantom trial expired. If the products were as good as they claim, which frankly... More...
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  • Stages of Beauty

    I had received a 40 age group serum at age 49 in the past from a Stages of Beauty consultant and was happy with it especially since it was free. I then decided to order the age 50 cream and received it after the 4.99 shipping and handling charge (no problem there). Then I get the 69.00 charge and I call them. No I did not read the fine print at the bottom of the last page when I ordered online because I simply ordered to sample. I call them and they don't care how long I have been a customer, they want to send me the age 50 serum for free to apologize. Okay, I get it and am charged... More...
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  • Customer service questionable if in Aussie

    I signed up and paid the $10 and received my "free" trial pot not realising I was then placed on autoship (my mistake) SO BUYER BEWARE!. . .the product seems good yet the customer service stinks! ....When my cr card was charged with $69 unexpectantly to me(& my cr card became 'óver the limit' ($30 charge)). . . I've ph'd the 1800-193-846 no. numerous times since & at different times (1am-1pm AEST) & can't get onto the Aussie consultant . . . I've become a very FRUSTRATED customer...I cldn't even find an email address to contact... More...
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  • Robbery

    I have been having the same problem that everyone else has been having with this company. Just a trial and they are now sending me products I didn't order and taking it out of my bank account. I can't cancel my subscription. I am very disappointed and I really wish more people knew about the bad mojo this company has before they get sold into a long term payment without even realizing it. More...
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  • Stages of Beauty Orders cannot be cancelled ITS A SCAM

    You know this company is hurting for customers so badly they are doing that fine print scam. A reputable company would contact you after your free trial to see if you were happy with the product and if you would like to place an order. They would know they have a wonderful product so they would only want returning happy customers. Their cream is just a glorified dollar store cream. It is nothing but a lotion. They cannot get people to actual buy their product after the free trial so once they have your account information you are tied in there is no way to get out. I am trying to legally... More...
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  • Beauty Company unethical practices

    This Company is completely unethical. They promise no obligation , free samples and when you give them your credit details they immediately debit your account for not only the delivery amount but also the full price of the product for the following month. The conditions stating that you will be billed monthly unless you notify them in 18 days that you do not wish to receive any more are written in tiny print which largely goes unnoticed. Also, the product was received 4 days after the sample so they give you almost no time to evaluate the product. They are impossible to contact by phone... More...
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  • Stages of Beauty - Sample Offer

    Stages of Beauty offer is a scam. By giving them your credit card details for the shipping costs for their offer of a sample, you are giving them authority to charge your credit card $80.00 per month for ongoing supply. It's all in the fine print (and I mean fine print). If you request a refund you are stil liable for the shipping costs, plus the costs to return the product, which they advise will take a month to process. However they do offer the product at the discuounted rate of approx $44.00 to encourage you not to return it. Says it all I guess !!. Their website certainly... More...
    SandraandLola's Picture   SandraandLola    3 Comments   Comments
  • skin allergy

    hello there how're you i have been receiving the products recently and some of the ingredients is not suitable for my skin also i have a very seriously skin allergy reaction and i would like to return it all the products i would like if you could refund all the costs of the purchasing of all the products to my bank account ASAP total on the 5th November 2013 was taken twice AU$40.16 and AU$10.84 and again 20th of November 2013 was taken AU$87.60 total all together was AU$138.60 furthermore i do not expected such a lots of money has been withdrawn from my bank account just to have... More...
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    I have been continually trying to contact the Australian customer service number 1800-193-846 so I can cancel my order. Then number has been engaged for days. There is no email address where I can email the company. I believe I have been scammed. As they will take money out my account when I do not want the product. I will be cancelling my card so the money is not taken out of the account. Moreover I will be returning the product stating RETURN TO SENDER. I am unwilling to pay for Stages of Beauty's incompetence. More...
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  • Stages of Beauty

    I purchased a FREESAMPLE all I had to pay for shipping. I gave them my Visa card number for the shipping charge ONLY. Then in two weeks they proceeded and withdrew 74.98 out of my account without my permission. If they are so up and up why is it in very small print about returning the product to cancell? Everything else free sample and, only paying for shipping was very boldly written. They want to scam you from the very beginning, taking unauthorized money from a person account is just plan STEALING. More...
    ErinHaley's Picture   ErinHaley    3 Comments   Comments
  • Beware of auto-delivery and Credit Card Charges

    I ordered a sample product and paid $4.99 for shipping. I thought that was reasonable enough in order to try the sample. My billing statement clearly said it was a sample and showed that I had paid the $4.99 shipping and had a $-0- balance. Much to my surprise and DISGUST 1 month later my credit card was charged $74.98 by stages of Beauty. It was a hassle to contact my credit card company and Stages of Beauty. I had to DEMAND a full refund because at first I was told that I would need to return the product first - But, I never received any product - and I never wanted any product. I... More...
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  • Employee called me and harrassed me

    I had gone to the website, after finding out that I could get a free sample and only pay the shipping. After filling out only my address, with phone number I read the fine print about future shipments and auto charged. I did not want that, so I did not put in my credit card information. I left the page. Obviously that was an invite for someone named Nat (?) to contact myself today. When I told him to please take my information off the list to call, he got rude with me. Saying how his calling was my fault basically because I filled out the form. Well I told him I had exited out before... More...
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  • Stages of Beauty is a RIP OFF

    RIP OFF RIP OFF RIP OFF!!! Not only do they send you more - they're taking money out of your credit card without your knowledge! I called them and TOM was extremely rude. He was so busy talking over me to convince me that they had all the disclaimers showing they would keep sending product that he didn't hear a word I said. Obviously he's used to angry customers. SHAME ON THEM! THEY NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN! More...
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  • Stages of Beauty Cancellation of order

    I requested a free trial of cream and then a full order came in, charges to my credit card, which I did not order. I am getting orders without ordering anything...I do belive this is considered fraud. Cancel my order and do not contact me again, also, I am notifying my bank to block any further requests by you...You can reach me at my e-mail address: name is Olga Fourroux, 200 Tristan Ln., Hahnville, La 70057 More...
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