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  • Fraud

    It looks like from several of your reviews that you have a lot of customers with the same complaint that I have. You have shipped me a box of serum that I did not order and did not authorize you to charge to my credit card. I am returning the box and expect to receive credit for $ 74.98 that you charged me without my permission. This is very poor business. If I do not see a refund very soon I will report you to the Better Business Bureau and my Lawyer. Also do not send me anything else. Pat O'Bryan 6035 US 60 West Owensboro, KY 42301 More...
    maddi's Picture   maddi    0 Comments   Comments
  • 50s

    My credit card was fraudulently charged $74.98 for something I have not even received. I did get a charge o $4.99 for a sample, which did not work but they put me on a monthly list which I did not authorize and are charging me for no product. I have filed a complaint with my credit card as this charge is a fraud, scam. Watch out if you order a sample! It is hard to reach them by phone and hard to get them to reverse a charge, therefore, I recommend that you file a fraud charge with your credit card company. Also, their product does not work! More...
    bobbio1946's Picture   bobbio1946    2 Comments   Comments
  • Nothing is Free!!! SCAM

    I was charged $25.96 for a free product and two additional items that never shipped. Then my account was charged $74.96 for monthly shipments of products which were previously "out of stock." I ordered the products on 10/6/11 billed 4 times by 10/11/11 and the free product was shipped on 10/25/11 and received on 10/31/11 - clearly you cannot cancel something which hadn't even shipped 14 days later. Why did I cancel my unkwown "membership"? Becase nothing is free and I'm not foolish enough to try my luck again! How long do I have to wait to get my $74.98... More...
    Miko's Picture   Miko    1 Comments   Comments
  • Product Shipment

    I have not received my free trial. It was due to arrive Thursday, October 20, 2011. Having read reviews and complaints, The complaints indicate this is a normal practice, which gives customers a false sense of their trial period to wait 18 days to try it and cancel. Customer doesn't realize it is 18 days from placing the order. Therefore, they are charged for the monthly shipment before they realize what has occured. Please remove me from my "subscription", "enrollment", "membership" or whatever term you use that entiles you to charge my credit... More...
    chattykb's Picture   chattykb    1 Comments   Comments
  • Scam

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. Please, don't do the same mistake I did. Don't order anything from this company Stages of Beauty.They charge you every single month $74.98 without your knowledge. They try to impress you with free sample, you just pay shipping and handling. But the true is when you order any item like an example, you automatically sign up for paying program. Oh my god, be careful. I can't believe how people make a money these days!! More...
    bebelogo11's Picture   bebelogo11    2 Comments   Comments

    They offer you a 14 days trial period, but they will charge your account 18 days from the DAY YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER ON THE PHONE... False advertisement. It doesn't tell you anything of the sort until you receive the package slip (in small print). I was only able to try my product for 6 days before I was charged $75.00 for a product I had not tried for 14 day. YOU MUST CANCEL THE DAY YOU GET YOUR FREE SAMPLE IN ORDER NOT TO GET CHARGED FOR ANY FUTURE PRODUCT. They DON'T give you time to like there product so, THEY LOST ME AS A FUTURE CUSTOMER..... More...
    Mummsy's Picture   Mummsy    2 Comments   Comments
  • Stop Order

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. I have tried for over 48 hours to reach Stages of Beauty company. I do not want to receive any more, or to PAY anymore money. For some reason, I was shipped two tubes of cleanser, one small tube of facial scrub and one bottle of Grace, the serum. No moisturizer. On top of that, it took over 4 weeks from the time I ordered. Take this message of a way to state my disinterest in receiving your product. More...
    jtipton's Picture   jtipton    2 Comments   Comments
  • Item not ordered

    I made the mistake to agree to receive a free sample. Not really free, however on the first time that I applied this I had a horrible burn omy skin the next day. Nothing say or don. Today I received a order that I do not recall mking, price 69.99, postage $4.99. Now I will need to take time and paid for return postage. More...
    saebynit's Picture   saebynit    2 Comments   Comments

    First off, this product does not do what it says it will. I tried the "free sample" where all I had to pay was shipping. I didn't know that they would save my card information and charge me $74.98 a month. I called to cancel and they offered to send it to me each month for $49.99 instead...WTF? It doesn't work. Why would I continue to use it and WHY would I keep giving money to a company that scammed me? Do yourselves a favor and DON'T sign up for a "free sample". More...
    ChocoTaco's Picture   ChocoTaco    1 Comments   Comments
  • Duped

    I too was duped, I just wanted to try the sample. There was no mention of becoming a member of a beaty club. I received another box. I thought it was a mistake. Then another box came, this is when I went online for confirmation of what was going on with this company. I then went to my credit card company to find I was charged $74.98. I still have the two bottles which I'm returning as I have contacted my credit card company with a dispute. Shame on this company with there deception! More...
    villa8ge's Picture   villa8ge    3 Comments   Comments
  • Tricked and unhappy

    They were not upfront with sending you more product automatically-to the tune of $74.98. I had not even had time to trial the sample when the first box came. I called to cancel the product without opening the box, but they said they had already shipped out another box, and it hadn't even been 30 days. Since they had already shipped a second box were unable to refund the box I hadn't even opened yet, giving me a $40.00 refund-but that doesn't cover the other $35.00. More...
    sugarbaby's Picture   sugarbaby    3 Comments   Comments
  • Stages of Beauty is an AUTO SHIP product! Beware!

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. Please be aware that upon requesting your free sample of Stages of Beauty at $4.99, you are enlisted on an AUTO SHIP program. I was not aware of this. My complaint is that nowhere on the website are you informed of this enrollment except if you click on the Terms link at the bottom of the webpage. I think this is very deceiving. If you receive a followup shipment (to the tune of $74) after receiving your free sample, do not open the package! There should be a packing slip on the box for you to review. Immediately call customer service to cancel your "membership." The cust service... More...
    taricherson's Picture   taricherson    1 Comments   Comments

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. HORRIBLE! I was duped into trying your products with the only paying the shipping of $4.99. I should have know NOTHING comes for the this price. I hadn't event had time to try the sample product and you send out, then the full bottle this time charging my VISA, (I DID NOT authorize to be stored in my file), and was charged the $75 for the product. Call and cancelled with Customer Service and was told that I had to wait to get the item and then return it to sender, but if I'd like to PAY extra for returning the product then they would get it faster. ARE YOU NUTS? Why would I want... More...
    jewelsbee's Picture   jewelsbee    1 Comments   Comments
  • Beast disquised as Beauty

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. Hello - I maybe the next biggest fool. I also was duped! Wanted to try stages of beauty - advertisement stated 4.99 for free trial. What a fool I was! They charged me 74.98. Just tried to call to get this alleged misunderstanding fixed - they are on Central time. I have their number and will be calling. You can keep the because that's all you earned. I want the difference back. Misleading advertisement. To good to be true is right. Now, I won't even consider your product and you can thank this theft for it. Don't fall for this scam. Maria DeMott Pissed Off in the... More...
    Mdemott's Picture   Mdemott    2 Comments   Comments
  • this is a Scam !

    Same story as everyone else - ordered the FREE sample w/ 4.99 shipping charge Then 2 wks later received pkg. & saying they billed my CC 74.98 - It's Scam artist like this that take advantage of people & give doing business on line a bad name - I want a full credit refunded back to my CC. SOMEONE SHOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS CO.!!! if they were on the up & up they should supply contact info on the invoices, & or their web site - thats right - NO CONTACT INFO ANYWHER ! they know what they are doing & will continue to Scam honest people until they are one day sued... More...
    grubjunkie's Picture   grubjunkie    1 Comments   Comments
  • Complaint

    I found their advertising misleading. Offer for trial was actually a way to get you to buy the product in a deceptive way. The packing slip has at the bottom in miniscule lettering, which I'm sure most people would discard, a notification to call or your credit card account would be charged monthly for a complete supply of products at a price of $69.99. More...

    Of course, as I stated in my last review' when I called to inquire about the refund I had been waiting for for almost 3 month, I was given the" oh, we haven't received the returned product" excuse. UPS in formed me they had in fact gotten it only a few days after it was sent out. Anything to not give back the money you awe. Quite a hassle for a product that burnt my face. DON'T ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!! WHAT A BUNCH OF SCAMMERS!!! All the "Good reviews on here must be people who work for the company. More...
    sweetzy's Picture   sweetzy    5 Comments   Comments
  • What a scam!!

    I, too ordered free trill and then received $74.99 package. I didn't even open box. I am furious! No phone number on invoice. I called 877-869-3162 and, of course, waited for someone to answer. Rep was very sweet, yet I was furious. First, she offered a discount to keep it and my answer was NO..then she said she credited me back and cancelled my account and THEN told me to keep the product to make me happy. Happy? Never will I be happy with this company. I also called Amex to not pay. I do not trust this company. More...
    Lesmax's Picture   Lesmax    14 Comments   Comments
  • Beauty order complaint

    pt109's Picture   pt109    1 Comments   Comments
  • Stages of Beauty - Grace

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. I ordered and received Stages of Beauty Grace. I authorized the shipping of $5.95 to be taken from my credit card account. I wanted to try this product before I invested a large amount of money. To my shock, my husband gave me a bill last night for $74.98 taken from my credit card on 7/23/2011. Would you please explain what this bill is for? I DID NOT AUTHORIZE the withdrawal of this money. I am notifying Visa of this withdrawal. My rating is not for the product, but for the way that you conduct your business. More...
  • rip off

    I ordered a so called FREE sample of one of this company's products for S&H of 4.99. I received more of their product,unasked for, and they charged my checking acount 74.98!!!!!! for 2 little bottles of junk that I don't want. I will buy Chanel before I buy this garbage. I am SOOO angry that they charged me for this. Now I have to go to the trouble of returning it. I will NEVER fall for a "free" offer like this again!!! I hate this company! More...
    KylieM's Picture   KylieM    3 Comments   Comments
  • Free Sample

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. Be careful about ordering any free sample product from Stages of Beauty. The free trial sample order has an automatic agreement attached to it. The only trouble is the agreement is not outlined under the free sample order information. Instead it is outoine in fine print beneath the title Stages of Beauty Offer. I ordered a free trial sample and paid the shipping $4.99 on 05/03. I was doing my bankrecs a few moments ago and discovered a charge I did not recognize on my bank statement for $74.98 charged on 05/15. I called the number attached to the charge and it ended up being Stages of... More...
    neverbuy's Picture   neverbuy    10 Comments   Comments
  • Stages of Beauty face creams - Online free sample order

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. 'Stages of Beauty' based in Cambridge, MA offered a free trial size of their face cream which I decided to try. I received it just the day before going on a trip. There were no ingredients listed on the product, and being health conscious, I never use anything when a company does not disclose the ingredients they use in their products, so I threw it out, figuring I only wasted $4.99 for shipping & handling, and that I was done with it. When ordering the 'free trial' I did not see the clause about autoshipping one jar every month if I didn't cancel within 18... More...
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