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Stages of Beauty Reviews

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  • Sunburn

    I wrote you a few years back about Stages of Grace. This is a recap....I was sunburned and knew I was going to peel. So after my shower I applied Stages of Grace facial cream to my face and went ahead and continued it on my shoulders and chest. Well the sting was gone and I did not peel instead I tanned beautifully. So girls if you get a burn give it a works. I love these products. Thank You, Wanda PS I can be reached at More...
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  • Worth the Whole Package

    Actually I found out about Stages of Beauty because my mom started using it about a year or so ago with the Grace cream. She is in her 50s now, and I am in my late 20s. She recommended it to me after having read more about the science behind their skin care cream, and I said I'd give it a try. After just a few weeks I have already noticed a great change in my baggy eyes being not so baggy. Overall my skin feels great every time I put it on, in a refreshed sort of way. More...
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  • Stages of Beauty are Champs

    I've been regularly using Stages of Beauty now for roughly a year. It took me all this time to even find a review site for them! I saw some things I didn't agree with so I thought I would speak my mind. I had wrinkly skin, that was progressively aging, so I knew that something had to be done. So looking into skin care creams I found stages and worked with a free trial for a bit. I liked the way my skin felt when using Stages, so I decided to continue my subscription and a year later I am feeling beyond beautiful! Happy with this company and you should all give it a try! More...
  • Simply Magical

    I feel like Stages of Beauty comes with a magic wand or something, because my skin has reverted to a wonderful complexion of several years ago. The science behind it is complicated but essentially they have you choose your skin cream based on your age and skin etc. I am in my late twenties so I am using Radiance, and my skin is shall I say... radiant haha. Anyways, great product, love the cream, and can't wait to see what happens as I get older! More...
  • Thanks to Stages of Beauty

    I want to thank Stages of Beauty for not only their awesome customer service, but also their great product! I have had spots on my face creeping up on me the past year or so, and I finally decided to do something about it. In addition to changing my diet and quitting smoking, I started using Stages of Beauty and I couldn't be more excited about my results! More...
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  • Gold Star

    I am a teacher in an elementary school, so I would say the wrinkles I have gathered throughout the years would be from an accumulation of stress. I love the kids but any other teacher knows how the job can affect you over time. Started using Stages of Beauty about 4 months ago and have noticed an incredible difference in the way my face looks. My confidence has definitely risen since starting to use it. More...
  • Good Advice with Stages of Beauty

    My close friend recommended me to use Stages of Beauty. I got my order fast and customer service was great. After which I started using the product and I am noticing a great difference in what used to be my wrinkles and now is just the healthy skin on my face! Ugh! Such a relief to know that something finally worked for me. Very satisfied with Stages of Beauty and I am telling everyone about it. More...
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  • Stages of Beauty Review

    As chel said earlier in this thread, entering your credit card information means that once the trial is up you will pay unless you cancel. So with that in mind I ordered my trial and has been thoroughly impressed with my results. It is a wonderful skin care product that has enhanced the health of my skin in the course of just a week or so. I feel healthy and can already see my skin making its way to how it was a couple years ago. Love! More...
  • Good skin aid with Stages of Beauty

    I swear by stages of beauty. Its hard to find a decent skin care product, since everyone's skin is so much more different and every skin aid is doing something a little different from the next. Stages works for me, and I have been slave to oily skin in the summer and flaking skin in the winter, but a lot of the flakiness comes from products I have used prior. This summer went well, and now with the fall coming I haven't seen any signs of drying out skin. More...
  • I love this product!

    I've never been the kind of woman to worry much about my appearance, but being freshly divorced changes your opinions on that matter. My friend recommended stages of beauty to me, and I'd like to do the same for you. It has given my facial complexion the ability to look 10 years younger, and it makes it easier going out and meeting new men again. Try it out. More...
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  • Stages of Beauty--Amazing, to say the least!

    I was very skeptical at first when i ordered the sample, turns out that i fell in love with the results. I decided to let the auto ship com in because i really needed the lotion and i can say that my skin improved 100%, my face had this glow to it, people honestly thought i was wearing only find out that i wasn't. they were very impressed and amazed at how soft and beautiful my skin looked. I then cancelled because it was too expensive for me to afford and the 1.7 bottle lasts for about 3 months. I once again needed it, by the way i use Harmony which is for the... More...
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  • Company listens and is responsive

    I recently tried the Stages of Beauty cream. The cream seemed to be fine, except that it made me itch. Everyone reacts differently to products, and I have had reactions to products from department stores before, so I thought, this was just another time I could not use a product. No problem there. I was dreading the call to the company, because I figured that I had lost the money I paid. When I got through to the company, the woman on the line was very personable, and helpful. She sent me a return label through e-mail, and I mailed back the product. Then, I wondered if I would ever see a... More...
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  • Stages of beauty Radiance customer

    So I ordered the free trial of the radiance cream, and actually read the terms and conditions (unlike a lot of people on here). I called in to ask to be removed off of the auto-order list, since I need more then 14 days to decide whether or not I wish to re-order this product. The lady on the phone was very nice and super helpful. She extended my date back for reorder for a month from now, to give me more time to decide. She told me if I choose not to reorder to just call and have them cancel before then. She also offered me a discounted rate when I told her that I am currently in college... More...
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  • Grace stage Customer

    I ordered the trial supply, I've been using the sample for about a week, and my skin feels much better than before, smoother, and much less dry than it had been. The ingredients are excellent, and there appear to be no harmful ones like mineral oil or parabens. The fact that they use different ingredients for different ages is a huge plus. I had failed to read the Terms of Service, but then did well before the 18 days before they would have auto-shipped the next order. I called to cancel as I want to try it before I decide whether to continue, and the monthly cost is a bit steep... More...
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  • Follow up from Dustbug513

    I have been trying to post a follow up for several days. I have no idea where my comments are going. I have been pleased with customer service. They credited me back for the extra neck cream and let me keep it. They cancelled my auto ship at my request and sent me a verification email while I was on the phone with them. They called later to verify that my account had been credited. I haven't checked with my credit card company yet to verify this. I received a full size free sample! Looks good. Smells good. Feels good. I'll let you know if it works!!!! More...
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  • People, did you all read the terms that came with the free sample?

    Why are people telling the company to call them when your free trial, that you ordered online, comes with a 877 free phone number to call and cancel and if you did not want the bottle that came after the free trial, call them and they will happlily return the product and credit your account. Its not rocket science people. Here is the number for those who are too ----- to look it up 877 869-3162 and stop complaining and read the terms BEFORE you sign up for something free. Just a thought..... Now IF you have something to say about the product then be my guest. More...
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  • Stages of Beauty Elegance (40)

    I have to say, I really enjoyed using the free trial sample. It really worked for me. After I used it at night, my skin did appear improved with smaller pores and diminished lines and wrinkles. My only lament is the automated reordering. I would consider making this face cream my regular beauty aid, but I would like to order when I want to, not when they tell me I have to. I think that this is the only aspect that people really complain about. I have noticed that other reviewers were happy to try the 'free' product, yet complained about the price when it came time to buy. I guess... More...
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  • Grace 50 and over stages of beauty.

    I am thrilled to finally after so many years using products that always led to disappointment, be able to tell everyone and anyone who reads this that Stages of Beauty really does work!!!!! I began noticing these dents in my forehead, upon closer inspection I realized they were pretty marked wrinkles. Then I saw them around my eyes, read up on it, and it was crows feet, last but not least, I saw little line around my mouth. I got really depressed thinking only plastic surgery could help. I think I saw Stages of Beauty in a late night commercial, and decided to try it, I found out I was at... More...
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  • Cancellations

    Please cancel the shipments of Stages of Beauty. I had canceled last year and have been out of state, the deliveries continued to be delivered. When I returned and went to the neighbor to collect my mail, I had boxes of "Stages of Beauty" I need to return 7 or 8 unopened boxes, please advise as to how to return and when I can expect a credit to my credit card. I was unable to locate a "contact us" on your website. Thanking you in advance for your prompt attention in this matter. Holly Robbins 3940 Cobble Creek Ct. Las Vegas, Nv 89108 More...
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    %u201CThis cream made my skin feel refreshed and hydrated. I very much LOVED using this product! I feels smooth, fresh, and lovely, even after I put on my foundation. This is the first product in a long time that has not irritated my skin and I always have to use sensitive skin products. Also, I hardly ever put on moisturizer before bed because it usually clogs my pores, but your product left my skin feeling wonderful, youthful and dewy.%u201D -Marie, 43 You can see this and other great reviews at More...
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